Valentine’s day contest in the shadows!


Valentine’s day contest in the shadows!

1- Organised

The contest organiser is “Myrkvi. Ancient Times Memories” and as a direct responsible person José Moreno Navarro. If you want to contact him write to

2- Bases

Anyone can take part on it by Twitter or Facebook in the established date (up to 14th February 2017 at 23:59).

The rules to be followed to take part on the different social networks are:

Twitter: It is necessary to follow the twitter account of “Myrkvi. Ancient Times Memories” and retweet the following tweet:

Valentine’s day contest in the shadows!

Facebook: It is necessary to LIKE our page on Facebook “Myrkvi. Ancient Times Meories”, comment the following following post * and share them

like public in their personal wall.

Valentine’s day contest in the shadows!

3- Prize and number of winners

The prize will be a digital copy of Aragami on the Steam platform (so a Steam account is need in order to be able to get the prize)

There will only be a winner. The winner will be chosen in a random way. Any person related directly with “Myrkv. Ancient Times Memories” will be out of the contest.

4- Notice to the winner

The name of the winner will be published on Twitter and Facebook through our account “Myrkvi. Ancient Times Memories” during the following week after the ending of the contest. Once the winner is announced we will be in contact with him/ her by a private message on one of the two platforms.

5- Disqualification and winner chose

Any contestant who use an inappropriate language on the comments of any of the social networks will be directly disqualified.

The winner choice will be completely random taking their nicks from the social networks.

6- Acceptance of the bases.

Twitter users and Facebook users accept the legal bases just by taking part on the contest.

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