Unity as a game engine:


Unity as a game engine:

At the beginning of the project we were thinking about the different game engine available. Each of them has their pros and cons, they also have several problems with the licences. I’m going to avoid those negative aspects and focus on what takes us to choose Unity.

Before starting on the project, we made a couple of attempts. Neither we could finish any of them, nor choose Java or c# as a programming language. However, thanks to the great import possibilities and of Assets available, we could discover lots of Unity secrets.
Hemos tenido que rediseñar el videojuego varias veces hasta llegar al punto actual, no dejamos de aprender a diario con Blender y 3Dstudio, y poder probar los diseños directamente en el motor gráfico sabiendo cómo quedaría en el resultado final nos permite avanzar rápidamente en la producción.

We had to redesign the video-game several times until get to the stage we are now. We still learn everyday with Blender and 3DStudio. Being able to test the designs straight into a game engine, knowing how they are going to be in the final design, enables us to move quickly forward in the production.

The most important thing we have discovered is that learning hasn’t been a struggle at any time, and that has been a major point to continue using Unity.
Although, we have been suggested to use other game engines as Unreal – with a great community of users – we still think, we made a great choice. The community of users and the great amount of tutorials available for Unity – not taking into account the version – it is unbelievable. The implemented updates make possible incredible results.
We hope to launch our video-game for the greatest number of platforms possible. Nevertheless, in the beginning it will only be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This possibility of being able to directly publish from Unity into the majority of actual platforms, make us even surer that we made the correct choice.

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