There are still some areas immerse in the deepest darkness, you have to be very careful to avoid them if you value enough your life.

There still exist some burial mounds, where lifeless corpses wonder aimlessly. However, the dark banners still control them.

There are still some wizards who dare to advance on these wastelands to pit their skills with those banner carriers, necromancer studiers. Most of them as a burden or youth foolishness, and the fewer, those who get into the deep by their own willingness and who finally succumb to the blood magic.

The watchtowers surround the castles to warn about the attacks of the hordes that dare to get deeper enough. The armies don’t hesitate to wipe them out by all means.

The further villages are unable to fight, not many have skilful warriors, and almost none have enough weapons to hold the attack back. Finally, those who don’t make it end up joining them or enslaved.

Only the great leaders are able to supply the burning lights, to keep the night illuminated. Those leaders in their powerful castles, are the ones who recover some remains of the formerly great, but now desolated cities, which were devastated long time ago.

Only few cities have useful things, but some merchants or smugglers use to despoil the ruins to purchase some rarities to sell them at a loos or to get advantage out of them not to succumb to hunger.

Out of those who you can find in your way, there are only six able to face the beasts, the darkness, the Draugen, humans and necromancers. These mercenaries will do whatever it is needed to accomplish their contract and see the sunrise one more day, always for the right price.

Do you dare to help them?