Greenlight and the way to Kickstarter


Greenlight and the way to Kickstarter

If we have learnt something is to give the community whatever they want. That’s why we have decided to present ‘Myrkvi. Ancient Times Memories’ in Greenlight Concepts.

We have a lot of ideas for our project but obviously some of them will be liked and other won’t. According to the platform and comments received we will change some things, trying to make them fit to the video game’s essence.

The basic mechanicals of the game won’t change. The game is what it is, it has its story, its characters and its own personality. All of these won’t change, but any critic would be more than welcome.

As our intention is to run a Kickstarter, this was the previous natural step. The contact with the community is more than necessary when you are planning to bring up an indie game. We cannot base ourselves in their

During some months we have been looking for private funding, although we knew for sure that it would be very complicated and that Kickstarter would be the most suitable platform to launch our video game. Being a small team never build so much trust on the potential producers in order to invest on our project. We haven’t got so many answers, and the few we’ve got were just “We will study it”. However, in almost all cases, when we have been talking with people involved in this industry, the have shown us a lot of enthusiasm around the video game industry; and although they cannot risk themselves to invest, they have always give us a lot of support and encouraged us to continue with our project.

As it is commonly said, there are no success without effort, so we are not going to lose a minute until our project is out.

We’ll see you on Greenlight and in a couple of months in Kickstarter.

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